Brown Bag Lecture Series

Date Presenter Presentation Title
11/22/2016 Kathryn M. Nowotny, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Miami
Inequalities in Health Service Use among Former Inmates: Implications for Race/ Ethnic Health Disparities
11/21/2016 Monica M. Bastos Paoliello, PhD
Senior Professor, Graduate Program in Public Health, State University of Londrina (UEL)
Parana, Brazilo
Effects of low-level lead exposure on blood pressure in a population-based study in Southern Brazil
11/14/2016 Sheilla Rodríguez-Madera, PhD
Professor, Dept. of Social Sciences, School of Public Health,
University of Puerto Rico
Addressing Health Disparities among Latino Transgender Populations: The TRANSforma Project
10/28/2016 Shanna L. Burke, PhD, MSW, LCSW Health Disparities and Alzheimer’s Disease
10/11/2016 Stephanie L. Diez, MSW, CAP, ICADC The Moderating Effect of Parental Attachment on Internet and Video Gaming Behaviors among Latino Youth
06/24/2016 Sean Cleary, PhD MPH The Avance Center for the Advancement of Immigrant / Refugee Health – Update on Adelante Activities
05/12/2016 Christyl T. Dawson, MPH The Effect of Perceived Collective Efficacy on HIV Risk Behavior among Recent Latina Immigrants to South Florida
04/20/2016 Nicole Fava, PhD Paths to Wellness
04/08/2016 Luther Elliott, PhD Uses and Misuses of Technology in Social Scientific Approaches to Public Health
02/29/2016 Stephanie Diez, MSW, CAP, ICADC An exploratory study of Internet Addiction and Internet Gaming Disorder on physical activity and physical fitness among Latino and non-Latino youth
02/19/2016 Alicia Sneij, MS Effectiveness of a 3- month Nutrition Intervention in Prediabetic People Living with HIV (PLWH) and the Relationship between Prediabetes and Alcohol Consumption with Oxidative Stress in PLWH
02/03/2016 Jessica Weissman, MS, RD, LDN, Associations Between Physical Activity and HIV Risk Behaviors

2015 Brown Bag Lunch Lectures

Date Presenter Presentation Title
10/27/2015 Daniel Halperin, PhD Pilot Study to Prevent Obesity Among Overweight College Students in Puerto Rico
10/23/2015 Segundo Leon, Master in Infectious & Tropical Diseases Strategies and use of rapid testing for HIV & syphilis when screening hard-to-reach MSM and trans-women in Lima, Perú
05/29/2015 Elizabeth Ross, Alina Serrano, Eduardo Sabillon Service Grant Development Addressing Local Health Disparities: Proposals from Three C-Salud Community Leaders
05/27/2015 John Ruffin, PhD Future Directions of Health Disparity Research
04/24/2015 Kayo Fujimoto, PhD Social Networks and Health
03/25/2015 Gira J. Ravelo Association between Older Latina’s Living Arrangements and their Health Behaviors
02/25/2015 James Melton HIV Identity: A Perspective of Intersectionality among Black Men Who Have Sex with Men
02/11/2015 Alicia Sneij Effects of Hyperglycemia in HIV Patients in Homeless Population in Miami, Florida


Date Presenter Presentation Title
11/17/2014 Miguel Ángel Cano, PhD, MPH Ethnocultural Determinants of Health Risk Behavior and Mental Health among Diverse Hispanic Populations
10/15/2014 N. Emel Ganapati, Ph.D Emotionally Drained: Addressing Organizational Factors That Contribute to Burnout among Response and Recovery Workers in Post-Disaster Haiti
09/24/2014 Diana Sheehan Individual and Neighborhood Determinants of Late HIV Diagnosis and Mortality Among Latinos, Florida, 2005-2011
06/12/2014 James Melton
C-SALUD PhD Student Trainee
A Phenomenological Examination of Identity and HAART Adherence among African American Men
05/22/2014 Mario De La Rosa, PhD
Director, CRUSADA
CRUSADA: Past, Present, and Future Research Mission–An Open Discussion with Dr. De La Rosa, Director of CRUSADA
05/08/2014 Catalina Lopez Quintero, PhD
C-SALUD Post-doctoral Scholar
HIV Testing Among Latino Women at Risk of Infection
04/17/2014 Rosina Cianelli, PhD, MPH, RN, FAAN
University of Miami School of Nursing & Health Studies
HIV Prevention for Older Hispanic Women
03/13/2014 Emmanuel Thomas, MD, PhD
University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
Screening for the Hepatitis C Virus in South Florida
02/20/2014 Mariana Sanchez, PhD Changes in Pre- to Post-Immigration HIV Risk Behavior Among Recent Latino Immigrants
01/27/2014 Raul Caetano, MD, PhD
Dean, Professor, University of Texas Southwestern School of Health Professions;
Regional Dean, Professor, University of Texas School of Public Health
Drinking and Associated Problems Among U.S. Hispanics
01/10/2014 Melvin Delgado, PhD
Chair, Macro Practice; Co-Director, Center for Addiction Research & Services; Boston University
Latino Community Assets: Assessment, Health Disparities, and Future Directions


Date Presenter Presentation Title
12/12/2013 Leah M. Varga, PhD Experiencing Health from the Edge: Vulnerable Women and Health Care Utilization
11/15/2013 Patria Rojas, PhD Addressing Health Disparities Among Latinos: Innovative Academic-Community Partnerships.
10/24/2013 Mary Jo Trepka, MD Late HIV diagnosis: differences by rural/urban residence, Florida, 2007-2011
10/10/2013 Frank Dillon, PhD Measurement Invariance Across Different Cultural Groups: Examining The Revised Helping Alliance Questionnaire (HAq-II) with African American and Non-Latino White Substance Using Adult Outpatients
09/26/2013 Christine Spadola Post-operative Relationship Between Alcohol Use, Depression, and Anxiety Among Predominantly Hispanic/Latino Young Adult Bariatric Patients
05/28/2013 Mariano Kanamori, PhD
Post Doc Candidate, C-SALUD
The Association of Orphan and Vulnerable Child Primary Caregiving, Household Wealth, and Female Autonomy on Women’s Body Mass Index in Namibia, Swaziland and Zambia
05/23/2013 Catalina Lopez-Quintero, MD, MPH, PhD
Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics,
College of Human Medicine,
Michigan State University
Epidemiology of the Drug Use Continuum: Relevant Findings for the Latino population
05/09/2013 Patria Rojas, PhD Acculturation and Sedative Use Among Latinas: A Five Year Follow-up
04/25/2013 Karen Fortuna, MSW Risk Profile of Older Adults with Co-morbid Depression and Alcohol Use Disorders and Related-Health Consequences
04/08/2013 Mariana Sanchez, PhD Changes in Pre- to Post-Immigration Religious Resources Among Recent Latino Immigrants: An Eco-Systems Perspective
03/25/2013 Christine Spadola Alcohol Consumption Patterns Among Bariatric Surgery Patients: Implications for Racial/Ethnic Minorities & Young Adults
02/28/2013 Ronald Braithwaite, PhD
Morehouse School of Medicine
Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS in Correctional Institutions: Impact on a Research Center
02/07/2013 Gira J. Ravelo Sociocultural and Health Risk Behaviors as Determinants of HIV Screening among Middle Age & Older Latinas: A Longitudinal Analysis
01/31/2013 Karina Villalba Systematic Review of 5-HTT Associations with Risk of Alcohol Dependence


Date Presenter Presentation Title
12/13/2012 Diana Sheehan Delayed HIV diagnosis and linkage to care: Implications for mortality and survival for Hispanics in Florida on the HIV/AIDS care continuum
11/08/2012 Francisco Sastre, PhD Life Goes On: Sex, Marriage, and Parenthood Among HIV-Positive Puerto Rican Men


Date Presenter Presentation Title
11/16/2011 Mariana Sanchez, PhD The Influence of Religious Coping on the Substance Use/HIV Risk Behaviors of Recent Latino Immigrants
10/12/2011 Elena Cyrus The role of social capital on high risk sexual behavior among Latino immigrants
09/27/2011 Adelaida Rosario Hoyos Santeria as Informal Psychosocial Support Among Latinas Living with Cancer
03/04/2011 Melvin Delgado, PhD. Latinos and Social Research and Practice: Opportunities and Challenges
02/28/2011 Fernando Soriano, PhD. Acculturation: New Developments in the Measurement of Culture


Date Presenter Presentation Title
11/12/2010 Ramiro Martinez, Jr., Ph.D Examining the Differential Impact of Neighborhood Context on Disparities in Racial/Ethnic-Specific Patterns of Drug Homicides
10/29/2010 Frank R. Dillon, Ph.D Age of Sexual Debut among Latinas: What are the long-term associations and implications for HIV and drug abuse prevention?
10/15/2010 Maria Aysa-Lastra, Ph.D Intra-household Overweight and Obesity in Mexico
09/17/2010 Mario De La Rosa, Ph.D
Mariana Sanchez, Ph.D
Beverly Ruffin, Ph.D
Alcohol Use among Latino Adults: A Comparison of Pre-Immigration, Post-Immigration, and U.S. Born Latino Alcohol Use
05/21/2010 Juliette Graziano,
Michelle M. Hospital, PhD,
Eric F. Wagner, PhD
Considerations for Treatment for Juvenile Justice System Involved Girls: The Role of Intimate Relationships with Older partners
05/21/2010 Ashley Austin, Ph.D,
Eric F. Wagner, Ph.D
The Challenge of Treatment Dropout among Racial/ethnic Minority Youth
04/23/2010 Karina Villalba The Association between Alcohol and Breast Cancer
04/09/2010 Dr. Rafael Sanchez Español Dominican Republic: Opportunities for Bio-psychosocial Research
03/29/2010 Francisco Sastre Soy Positivo, Estoy Positivo: Puerto Rican Men Living with HIV/AIDS in Boston
03/12/2010 Christopher Rice, Ph.D. Risk Factors
02/26/2010 Gustavo Tápanes Author Gustavo Tápanes will present his latest work “El Triunfador”
01/29/2010 Maria Aysa-Lastra, Ph.D. Relative Protective Effects of Long-term Relations with Different Family Members among Hispanic Women


Date Presenter Presentation Title
12/04/2009 Rhonda Bohs, Ph.D,
Maria Elena Villar, Ph.D.,
Emy Lou Pesantes, MSW
The Comadres/ Compadres Project
11/13/2009 Amy Paul-Ward, PhD, MSOT Successful Transitions: An occupation based approach for addressing the needs of foster care youth
10/16/2009 Mario De La Rosa, Ph.D.,
Patria Rojas, Ph.D.,
Frank R. Dillon, Ph.D.
Understanding Adult Latina Drug Use and HIV Risk: Lessons Learned from an Intergenerational Study of Mothers and Daughters
10/15/2009 Mario De La Rosa, Ph.D.,
Patria Rojas, Ph.D.,
Jesus Sanchez, Ph.D.
El Centro/ CRUSADA Seminar: “Translating Research Findings into Community Based Approaches for HIV/AIDS and Substance Abuse
09/18/2009 Adelaida Rosario Meeting Chamorro women’s primary health care needs: examining the cultural impact of Mamahlao on gynecological screening
04/22/2009 Miriam Potocky, Ph.D The Travesty of Human Trafficking: A Decade of Failed U.S. Policy and Research
02/27/2009 Mariana Sanchez Examining the Influence of Religious Coping Mechanisms on Acculturation Stress and HIV Risk Behaviors among Recent Latino Immigrants
02/27/2009 Beverly Ruffin, MS A Different Kind of High: Exploring the Influence of Physical Activity on Psychosocial Factors in the Prevention of Substance Use
01/14/2009 Bora Pajo Accounts of Challenges on Parenting an ADHD Child
01/14/2009 Sandra E. Giraldo Gene-environment Interactions related to Alcohol Abuse and Exposure to Pesticides in migrant agricultural workers of South Florida


Date Presenter Presentation Title
10/8/2008 Ramon Pacheco Sanchez, Ph.D. Human Rights: The case of Colombian immigrants in the U.S.A. and those returning to Colombia.
8/28/2008 Rhonda Bohs, Ph.D
Emy Lou Pesantes, MSW
You Gotta Know!/ Hay Que Saber! Campaign
8/8/2008 Elsa Pinto López, Ph.D Relationships among dietary intake, substance use and acculturation-related factors among Latinas in Miami-Dade County
6/18/2008 Maria Aysa-Lastra, Ph.D Analyzing the Determinants of HIV/AIDS-related Stigma in a Latino College Population
5/5/2008 Beverly Ruffin, MS The Complexities of Positive Health Outcomes—Transforming the Approach
5/2/2008 Christine Lisetti, Ph.D Features for Avatars and Embodied Conversational Agents as Social Orthotics
4/18/2008 Marc Weinstein, Ph.D Communities at Work: New Insights & Approaches for Occupational Safety & Health


Date Presenter Affiliation Presentation Title
12/7/2007 Susie Nemes, Ph.D. Social Solutions, Inc: Explorations for Potential Faculty Consultations.
11/20/2007 Patria Rojas, Ph.D., MSW, MPH An analysis of domains associated with levels of basic HIV/AIDS knowledge among Latinos in two college campuses.
11/7/2007 Raul Calderon, Jr., Ph.D. Sex, Drugs, Stress, and Rock’n Roll: Overlooked Health Risk Behaviors in High-Risk Minority Adolescents
11/5/2007 Frank R. Dillon, Ph.D. Exploring the Role of Parental Monitoring of Peers on the Relationship Between Family Functioning and Delinquency in the Lives of African American and Hispanic Adolescents.
05/24/2007 Daniel Santisteban, Ph.D Research Professor, Center for Family Studies
Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences University of Miami
Stage 1 research efforts in the development of a culturally informed and integrated family treatment for Hispanic substance abusing adolescents
05/08/2007 Eddy Perez Then, M.D., M.P.H., M.S.P.H. Director, National Research Center on Maternal-Infant Health (CENISMI); Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Conducting Culturally Grounded and Use Inspired Health Resources in the Borderlands
04/26/2007 Flavio Marsiglia, Ph.D. Foundation Professor of Cultural Diversity and Health, Social Work, & Director, Southwest Interdisciplinary Research Center (SIRC); Arizona State University Conducting Culturally Grounded and Use Inspired Health Resources in the Borderlands
04/11/2007 Rolando Collado-Ardon, Ph.D. Professor and General Secretary, Latin-American Network of Health Research University Programs Department of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine; Universidad Autónoma de México (UNAM), México  Migration and Health
04/05/2007 Sukumar Ganapati, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Public Administration; Florida International University Impact of Hurricanes on HIV/AIDS Service Providers – GIS analysis
03/15/2007 Maria-Cecilia Zea, Ph.D. Professor, Clinical Psychology; George Washington University Latino Gay Men who have Sex with Heterosexually Identified Men
03/08/2007 Guillermo Prado, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Epidemiology & Biostatistics; Florida International University A Randomized Controlled Trial of a Family-Centered Intervention in Preventing Substance Use and HIV Risk Behaviors in Hispanic Adolescents
02/22/2007 Christopher Rice, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Social Work; Florida International University Estimating the Influence of Covariates on Interrater Agreement
Rui Song Ph.D. Student, Sociology; Florida International University
02/15/2007 Jacinto Gomez Director, Fundación Hogares Claret (Venezuela) Substance Abuse Treatment Programs in Venezuela
02/15/2007 Hugh Gladwin, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Sociology and Anthropology, & Director, Institute for Public Opinion Research; Florida International University Tracking HIV Awareness and Prevention through Time and Space: GIS-mapped Findings from the FIU/Florida Poll and REACH 2010
02/07/2007 Emel Ganapati, Ph.D. Visiting Assistant Professor, College of Social Work, Justice, and Public Affairs; Florida International University Rising from the Rubble: Disaster Victims, Social Capital, and Public Policy – The Case of Golcuk, Turkey
01/11/2007 Brian Page, Ph.D. Professor and Chairperson, Anthropology; University of Miami Participant Observation, Rapid Assessment, and Other Anthropological Methods


Date Presenter Affiliation Presentation Title
12/07/2006 Mario De La Rosa, Ph.D. Professor, Social Work, & Director, Center for Research on U.S Latino HIV/AIDS and Drug Abuse; Florida International University Correlates of Substance Use Among Latino Immigrants
Christopher Rice, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Social Work; Florida International University
Emel Ganapati, Ph.D. Visiting Assistant Professor, College of Social Work, Justice, and Public Affairs; Florida International University
11/30/2006 Guitele Rahill Ph.D. Student, Social Work; Florida International University What is Relapse? A Contemporary View of Treatment for Alcoholism
Anna Vanderbiest Masters Student, Social Work; Florida International University
04/26/2006 Christopher Rice, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Social Work; Florida International University How Well Do the Personal Characteristics of Alcholics Discriminate Drinking Patterns?
04/20/2006 Altagracia Ramirez, M.D. Instructor Psychiatry; Harvard University, & Psychiatrist, Brigham and Women’s Hospital Pharmacotherapy of Substance Abuse: What We Know
04/03/2006 Christopher Browning, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Sociology; Ohio State University Neighborhood Social Ecology and Adolescent Health
03/13/2006 Elizabeth Griffiths Ph.D. Student, Sociology; University of Toronto Communities, Street Guns, and Homicide Trajectories in Chicago, 1980-1995: Merging Methods for Examining Homicide Trends Across Space and Time
Jorge Chavez Ph.D. Student, Criminal Justice; University at Albany-SUNY
03/02/2006 Sarah Mahler, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Sociology and Anthropology, & Director, Center for Transnational and Comparative Studies; Florida International University What do Everyday People Think Race and Ethnicity are?
Susan Clemmons, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Decision Sciences and Information Systems; Florida International University
02/21/2006 Melvin Delgado, Ph.D. Professor and Chairperson, Macro-Practice, & Co-Director, Center for Addiction Research and Services; Boston University Use of Latino Cultural and Community Assets and the Substance Abuse Field
02/20/2006 Janet L. Lauritsen, Ph.D. Professor and Chairperson, Criminology and Criminal Justice; University of Missouri-St. Louis The Role of Race and Ethnicity in Violence against Women
02/09/2006 Esteban Dalehite, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Public Administration; Florida International University Are State School Finance Equalization Policies at Cross-Purposes with Tax Abatement Policies?
01/19/2006 Christopher Rice, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Social Work; Florida International University Different Ways of Measuring Substance Use: Practical Considerations for Longitudinal Studies


Date Presenter Affiliation Presentation Title
11/21/2005 Lala Ashenberg Straussner, Ph.D. Professor, Social Work; New York University Trauma and Substance Abuse among Immigrants: Research and Practice Implications
11/18/2005 Calixte Clerisme, Ph.D. Professor, Sociology and Social Research; Haitian State University (Haiti) Implications of Haitian Health Seeking Behaviors for Policy Formulation and Program Development
11/10/2005 Guitele Rahill Ph.D. Student, Social Work; Florida International University Application of Respondent Driven Sampling in Recruiting Haitian users of Picurists
04/11/2005 James A. Inciardi, Ph.D. Director and Professor, Center for Drug and Alcohol Studies, Sociology and Criminal Justice; University of Delaware Violent Victimization among Street Sex Workers in Miami
04/04/2005 Laura Dugan, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Criminology and Criminal Justice; University of Maryland Policy Effect on Intimate Partner Violence
03/28/2005 Sandro Galea, Ph.D. Associate Director, Center for Urban Epidemiologic Studies; New York Academy of Medicine Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Overdose Mortality Trends in New York City and Miami
03/14/2005 Jacob I. Stowell and Matthew T. Lee, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Sociology; University of Akron Immigration and Homicide: A Spatial Analytic Test of the Social Disorganization Theory
03/07/2005 Richard Rosenfeld, Ph.D. Professor, Criminology and Criminal Justice; University of Missouri-St Louis Explaining Homicide Rates in US Cities: Miami in Perspective


Date Presenter Affiliation Presentation Title
05/25/2004 Nubia Romero Procuradora de las Fuerzas Armadas de Colombia El Consumo de Drogas en las Fuerzas Armadas de Colombia
04/07/2004 Ambassador Roger Meece Diplomat in Residence (2003-2004), Florida International University HIV/AIDS: A Personal Perspective